Yoga may aid in smoking cessation based on evidence.

A 2019 study with 227 participants compared yoga to general wellness classes in a counseling program.

The yoga group was 37% more likely to quit smoking after an 8-week program.

However, there was no difference in smoking rates between groups six months post-treatment.

A 2020 study found reduced cigarette cravings after a single yoga session compared to wellness education.

The participants in this study were individuals attempting to reduce or quit smoking.

Evidence suggests yoga may help in the early stages of quitting.

The 2019 study was funded by NCCIH (National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health).

It involved comparing yoga as an addition to counseling.

The 8-week program showed benefits in smoking cessation for the yoga group.

The 2020 study focused on immediate effects of a single yoga session.

The reduction in cigarette cravings was notable in this study.

The 2020 study supported the idea that yoga could be a helpful tool for those trying to quit smoking.

Long-term benefits of yoga for smoking cessation were not evident in the 2019 study.

Both studies provide insights into how yoga may assist people in their journey to quit smoking.