It may also be helpful for anxiety symptoms in a variety of populations, but there’s little evidence of a benefit for people with anxiety disorders.

A 2019 review of 38 studies involving 2,295 participants found that yoga had a substantial positive impact on anxiety symptoms.

The most significant effects of yoga on anxiety were observed in studies conducted in India.

These studies encompassed various groups, including healthy individuals like students and military personnel, patients with different physical or mental health conditions, and caregivers.

In 2021, a review examined the evidence regarding yoga's effectiveness for individuals diagnosed with anxiety disorders.

The reviewers found promising results but couldn't draw firm conclusions due to a lack of rigorous studies.

A 2021 study with 226 participants, supported by NCCIH, focused on Kundalini yoga for generalized anxiety disorder.

Kundalini yoga was shown to improve symptoms in this study.

However, it was noted that cognitive behavioral therapy, a well-established treatment for this condition, was more effective than Kundalini yoga.

The study involved 226 participants, with 155 completing it.

The 2019 review included a total of 38 studies.

The 2019 review encompassed 2,295 participants.

The 2021 review examined the impact of yoga on individuals with diagnosed anxiety disorders.

The 2021 review highlighted the need for more rigorous studies to conclusively determine yoga's effectiveness for anxiety disorders.

The 2021 Kundalini yoga study focused on generalized anxiety disorder.

Kundalini yoga was found to have a positive impact on symptoms, but its efficacy was lower compared to cognitive behavioral therapy.