Yoga can be a helpful addition to treatment for depression.

2017 review of 23 studies with 1,272 participants examined yoga's impact on people with depressive symptoms.

Yoga was found to be beneficial in reducing symptoms in 14 out of the 23 studies.

The participants in this review were not necessarily diagnosed with clinical depression.

In 2020, a review of 7 studies with 260 participants focused on yoga interventions for individuals diagnosed with major depressive disorder.

This 2020 review suggested that yoga could provide additional benefits for depression symptoms.

However, these benefits were considered to be small in magnitude.

The 2020 review also noted that yoga was most effective when used alongside other forms of depression treatment.

The studies highlight the potential of yoga as a complementary approach to managing depressive symptoms.

Yoga's effectiveness was observed in diverse groups of people with depressive symptoms.

The studies don't claim yoga as a sole treatment for clinical depression.

The 2017 review comprised a larger sample size (1,272 participants) compared to the 2020 review (260 participants).

Yoga's benefits may extend to individuals not officially diagnosed with depression.

Yoga's impact on depression is evident in a significant portion of the research.

The 2020 review emphasizes the need for a multi-faceted approach to treating major depressive disorder.

Combining yoga with other treatments could enhance its effectiveness in managing depression.