7 Hip Opening Yoga Poses Yoga Asanas for Tight Hips & Toning

7 Hip Opening Yoga Poses

Namaskar! If you’re looking for ways to tone and strengthen your broad hips, we have an exciting session lined up for you. We’ll be exploring Yoga for Tight Hips 7 Hip Opening Yoga Poses Yoga Asanas for Toning that will undoubtedly help. Let’s begin! Malasana (Garland Pose): This deep squat opens up your hips and … Read more

What Is Yoga | Benefits of yoga | Rules of Doing Yoga

What Is Yoga Benefits Of Yoga Rules Of Doing Yoga

What Is Yoga? Yoga is the science of living life in the right way, hence it should be included in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Yoga means ‘unity’ or ‘to bind’. The root of this word is Sanskrit word ‘yuj’, Which means ‘to join’. … Read more