How Yoga Helps You from Sexual Disorders? Yoga for Erectile Dysfunction

Today, let’s discuss about How Yoga Helps You from Sexual Disorders? Our bodies are designed to function optimally, including our sexual organs. However, issues can arise when we mistreat our bodies through activities like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, drinking, high-stress levels, anxiety, and more. It’s crucial to correct these aspects of our lives.

When it comes to sexual activities between partners, men need to perform certain actions, and women need to receive them lovingly and with care. For a smooth experience, men should have a high level of energy. This energy should be physical, emotional, and mental. The mind should be ready, emotions should be filled with care and love, and the body should be physically fit.

How Yoga Helps You From Sexual Disorders

To enhance physical vitality, there are specific postures and techniques that I strongly recommend:

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1. Vajrasana and Ardha Shalabhasana: Begin in a Vajrasana position. Then, bend forward, placing both hands on the ground, and lift your bottom as high as possible. Maintain this position for about 10 seconds. This exercise is great for the legs, hamstrings, lower back muscles, and core.

2. Garudasana: Stand up, and balance your body weight on one leg. Cross your other leg over the standing leg, tuck your toe behind, and wrap your arms around each other. Try to pull yourself up, maintain balance, and come back slowly. This exercise strengthens the body.

3. Malasana: Keep your feet apart, squat down with both heels on the ground, and place your arms together. This exercise is excellent for the lower abdomen and core.

4. Matsyasana: Lie on your back, fold both legs into Padmasana, and lift your chest by placing your weight on your elbows. This posture strengthens the lower abdomen.

5. Supa Baddha Konasana: Lie on your back, fold both legs into a Namaste position with knees close to the ground. Do a butterfly movement with your legs and then try to press your knees to the ground. This exercise benefits the groin area.

6. Shashankasana: In a Vajrasana position, spread your legs, and then bend forward with your arms stretched out. Try to relax in this position, which is great for relaxing the sexual organs.

To enhance overall energy and vitality, practice full inhalation and exhalation through Pranayama. Ensure you fully engage your diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and clavicular muscles during inhalation and exhalation.

Complete inhalation and exhalation, or Purna Pranayama, helps keep your mind focused and free from tension and anxiety. Practice this before meals and at the beginning of any work to stay present, focused, and enthusiastic.

Remember that issues arise, but if we work on ourselves, they can be resolved. Problems are transient; they come and go. All the best and stay well! Namaste.

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